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Steve Rodger
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Steve Rodger Grungy riff rock with a slight whiff of Screaming Trees about it and that's meant as a compliment... Favorite track: Hearts of the Holy.
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An Alternative/Garage Rock Bonanza from Philadelphia


released October 16, 2015

Stephen Burdick : Everything except where noted, mixing, recording, writing
Jeremiah Bertin : Drums tracks 1-12
Christian Mechem : Guitar solo track 6, backing vocals track 8

Mastered with "LANDR"
Recorded : August 2015
Mixed & Mastered : August-October 2015



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The Stone Eye Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Alternative/Fuzzy Rock Duo From Philadelphia.

Catchy fuzz filled rock without a label

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Track Name: Tides
Roll the tide
Peaceful sigh

Tear the page in two
Hurts to choose for you

Poisoned mind

Nothing's right inside
Say goodbye
Track Name: Lesser View
Masked skylines
Lesser view
Pale fingers
Soulless tune

My glamour
Isn't one to choose
its apparent
It ain't for you

Trapped inside, where's the light
Nothing sweet to calm my mind
Light a drag and lend your hand
Please wash it away
Track Name: Fools Gold
Cast a stone, relax your mind
Love me once don't love me twice
Paint it black, don't paint it white
Cut the corner, pays to be right

Take a gun, shoot what's in sight
Doesn't matter, your wrong you ain't right
You're a fool, you act like one too
Don't mind me, I'm just coppin zee's

Furlong I can't stand to watch it anymore
Without my love darling
Cast twice, pick the pieces without eyes
Without my love darling

Don't act like a fool, don't follow through

This ain't the place this ain't your noose
Track Name: Yet I Feel so Fine
I packed and ran out of there I could not see straight
Strung by the cross he cried let me be free
Shingled and tossed aside he layed there with glee
The Shepard cried out his name it rang out with glee

Torn and relieved I Sang but it was a dream
I tossed and I cried for he with no relief
Summoned in the banks of thee the sun set him free
The Shepard cried out his name it rang out with glee

Where have you gone, I'm hiding in you
Machines don't rewind, what's set in the eye
Miles of broke lies, their dying for you
Worthy I'm blind, for thee I am fine
Track Name: Henry
Usher me for a ride
Will you
Pay for this night
The liquor is your demise
Can you
Spare me this time

Hide your face in the mud
Will you
Make it alright
And I bark like a dog
Can you
Be my master

Your so lonely
So lonely
I can't break through to you
Track Name: The 'Appropriate' Prelude
Twisted gun
Pay for fun, boy
Looser mind, child
Lungs are mine

Welcome to my inner place
I feel your blood run down my face
Cut and scream but it's all a game
For I am you and you are me
Hold you right now, feel your eyes
They dialate and wash aside
For my dissension
Track Name: Cold Hearted Psycho Path
Boy you got to ride away
You Don't realize
Piss poor without a name
Just what you like
Blue sky's and shallow waves
Hurts for awhile
Cut ties and fly away
A sweet escape

Shap shiftin tidal wave
Robotic slave
Never will he be a man
Take off that mask
Still waiting for a chance
Ha don't feel glad
Cold hearted psycho path
Wish he was that

Yeah yeah yeah
I wear this crown of thorns
Placed upon my eyes
Placed upon my own
Track Name: Hearts of the Holy
Hey my, my my, you got me wrapped in fear
I walk alone, with my feet in line
I can't explain, what's inside my mind
For god I am, another soul to die

Pulled from the ground, I stood and shook with fear
What's that I hear, Something crossed my sight
Furlong'd approach, I think I've lost my mind
Three years gone by, I Swore to never die

Hey my, my my, heart of the holy
Track Name: Death to the Living
Speak up now before there's no more
Close yourself behind close lined doors
All are made under one small cloud
Damn to think that I am right

People run as the sound grows loud
I looked up but I guess it was to late
Sirens ring across the land
Death to all mankind lingers on

As the bombs drop
As your heart stops
Close your eyes now
Death to the Living
Track Name: Part Company
That clock tick
The heart ticks
My feet off
The black sun
That's feeding

The sky says
For you to
Repeat it
Your mind says
The other place
Is not it

Please break away from my mind

Just don't stay away
Track Name: Bliss
Turn the page, relax your mind
Honey please, just speak it's alright
Listen close, your times running out
Don't mind me, I ain't what I seem

He lunged for the
Cry out
Her eyes turned to
Roll the dice be sure to
Lay it right there and I
She likes and she'll be alright
He lunged for the gun
and she cried, her eyes turned to
Roll it, play it alright

Dog meat and attire
the bowl is your desire
digging way to under
the shovel is your halo
Track Name: Lucy
Patch the night mundane, fortune isn't what you pay
To gamble all you wage, is a price you got to pay
Chew your teeth and smile, please pay that silver child
Appoint the judges judge, you'll see, redemption isn't fun

Swallow the healthy hand, that points and laughs at man
Drive a mile away, point to that gal and pray
Take a pill a day, and wash the light away
Appoint the judges judge, you'll see, redemption isn't fun

It's mine once more, yeah
It's her's to swallow

Track Name: Station
Down by the station
Where my heart goes
Don't be afraid
To let it go

Roll with the tide
Share the light
Ride the wave
But don't be afraid
To let her go
Track Name: Virtues of Oblivion
These words they fall I can't forget
A place where they rely on hell
Relax and dance, and pay the price
Who's wrong, who's right, who's dead who fights

Retract and laugh and pace until it's gone
The feet of he who makes you numb
Not wrong nor right just distant light
Of skies and clouds of dissonance

Today's the greatest I have felt
Tomorrow's gone and that's old news
Relax and play that simple tune
Review these notions we abuse